Eating vegetable everyday must be very important factor to have Quality Of Life. We know that so we often go to grocery store and choose as much fresh as it can.

For me, it is just a waste of time. Reason? Because we can make fresh vegetables in our garden, with an efficient way !

Here in this page, you can know one solution: making your garden’s factory for fresh vegetables.

The system is a little bit complicated but it serves lots of fresh vegetables in your kitchen everyday !

DIY Hydroponics system

The problems to get delicious vegetables

The market’s vegetables are expensive and sometime it is not fresh.

Vegetables are expensive.
We know eating fresh vegetable is important for healthy life. Better vegetables need more money.

Markets don’t provide fresh vegetables every time.
Vegetalbes are grown at far place from markets. Delivering time makes vegetables less fresh.

It is not clear who makes vegetables.
Everybody wants to now who makes / where vegetables come from. It is hard for everybody to track such info for each vegetables everyday.

Solution for the problem

One solution is developing your own vegetable factory in your garden !

Vegetables will grow up with some conditions. If we can provide the required conditions to vegetables, we can grow even though we are not expert.

Let’s check why this suggestion can solve the listed problems.


Vegetables are expensive -> RESOLVED
Cheap running cost.
If you use lamp to illuminate vegetable for faster grown, the electric bill for lamp will be added. Initial cost for the facility is depending on your scale.

Markets don’t provide fresh vegetables every time -> RESOLVED
You can just pick from your garden.

It is not clear who makes vegetables -> RESOLVED
It’s you 🙂


It should be hard to imagine what works you need to do. If you can overcome it, the developed system serves only you to make fresh vegetables everyday.

This page shows a factory which uses water for fertilizer carrier.

Ultimate Hydroponics system in your garden !

Water carries nutritions and oxygen for all growing vegetables. Vegetable absorbs nutritions and consumes oxygen dissolved in water. By introducing water flow, lack of nutritions are compensated by nutrition tank and oxygen can be dissolved by ruffling water surface.


Let me explain briefly the system. Pump will carry water and water flow is driven by step-wise structure.

  1. Pump lift up tank’s water to highest position container.
  2. If supplied water over the limit level of container, overflow will happen. Overflowed water will be drained to next container.
  3. Overflow will continue until last container.
  4. Final container and tank is connected. So final overflowed water backs to tank.

Overflow system

Each container has one input and one output. Input comes from higher level container and output goes lower level of container.

DIY Hydroponics-tank-inner

Zoom-in image is taken. Step-wise structure. Right-side container pours water to left-side container. This makes water flow and provide nutrition.

Input to 1st container is driven by the pump at tank.

Pump lift up water to higher container

Cover is opened. Pump can be seen.

Hydroponics image. Pump lift up water

How vegetables grow up?

The system won’t use soil. Instead of using soil, sponge is used.
Vegetable is fixed to sponse Pick up sponge, you can see root. The grown root absorbs nutrition and oxygen from water. Some amount of root is exposed to air and root can absorb oxygen directly.

DIY Hydroponics: root grows up well


Why the system uses water as nutrition carrier?

The explanation is skipped why this page suggest you to use water as nutrition carrier. This section will explain.

Roughly, there are two kind of categories for growing vegetable:

  1. Using water only.
  2. Using soil as everybody can imagine.

This page suggests you (1) Using water only. Because cons. for the water only system have solutions.


Easy to control nutrition
Easy to make uniformed nutrition condition in water. Circulating by making water flow, consumed nutrition by vegetable will be compensated. On the other hand, in soil cultivation, absorbed nutritions are not compensated easily.

In case of nutrition is lacked, just pouring hydro fertilizer is enough for “water control system”

Soil free
Carrying / controlling soil cost lots.

Growing up well
Root can easily grow up because the resistance to spread is very slow. Vegetables grow by the help of its root so helping root to grow up well is the fastest way to have efficiency.

Cons. They can be resolved.

Information is limited->RESOLVED
This page suggests info for non-expert.

Fertilizer is not sold in nearby store->RESOLVED
Available in internet.


One vegetable factory design is shared with lots of pictures. Water is used as nutrition carrier and basic concept is explained.