Eating vegetables is very important for our health and it is recommended to eat everyday.

On the other hand, it is hard to eat fresh vegetables because they cannot be kept as fresh condition in refrigerator.

My answer for my life is creating my own small factory in my house. Vegetables grow by themselves and can breath, which keeps fresh condition. Therefore, our family can get vegetables when we want.

I found there is few page which show detail know-how to create so I decided to share my knowledge.

I live in Japan so the circumstances are not suitable for you, such as tool availability, ingredients  but the idea itself would be useful. Hope everybody can live with healthy.

Overall description

Before starting detailed explanation how to create,  here shows completion of the system.

hydroponics system with LED light. To use sunlight at the same time, transparent material to get through the light is used. Both LED and Sunlight can be used

  • Soil is not used at all.  Hydroponics system is deployed.
    • Handling soil is problem for me. Water of Hydroponics is easy to maintain. Just flowing water in a sink.
    • Sponge is used as a base instead of soil.
  • LED light is equipped to grow in my room.
    • If sunlight is  available by locating near the window, it should be okay.
  • Blue/Red LEDs are used to save electric cost.
  • Automation water supply.
    • Using a tool for Aquarium.
    • Ingredients are dissolved in water.
  • Air pump is attached to dissolve oxygen in water.

Following picture shows how looks like when LED is turned on.

using sunlight and LED altogether by using trasparent material

The point is that, this system try to use both sunlight and LED. In daytime, we can use sunlight and there is a no reason to utilize sunlight as a resource.

For utilizing sunlight and LED light in one system, transparent acrylic is used and LEDs are equipped on that.

Container to accomodate

hydroponics container best fo DIY

My system uses IKEA trafast, which is thick enough, low height.
Low height is important because it can reduce extra amount of water.

Further thing I recommend IKEA trafast is that IKEA sell designated cover for the container. By making cover a hole, the container can accommodate a pot, which will store plant.

The above picture shows lots of holes and they will store pots.

How pots store plant?

Sponge is used as a ground. I don’t want to use soil because it is difficult to handle. Small debris and dirty in house and so on.
plant is growing with sponge ground in DIY hydroponics system

Vegetables can grow without soil as shown here.
Vegetable is grown well only with water. Hydroponics picture.

Make a hole to store pot

Pot is difficult to find arounds you. Luckily, I can find in Amazon e-commerce. If not, it should be difficult to make several pots.

Let’s make a hole to store this pot.

If the created hole size is enough to store prepared pot, it is done.
DIY Hydroponics open a hole to store pot